Anbe, Aruga & Ishizu, Architects, Inc.!

Corporate Profile

Anbe, Aruga & Ishizu, Architects, Inc. (AAI) was established in
1960 by Takashi Anbe in Honolulu.  Mr. Anbe's corporate
mandate was to provide the highest quality projects based on
sound architectural, engineering and planning concepts
combined with the best possible service and practical business
management.  Mr. Anbe passed away in 1986 and Mitsugi
Aruga and Hachiro Ishizu took over the leadership role to
to ensure that Mr. Anbe's original mandate is ever present in all
of our projects.

In 2000, the company was converted into an ESOP company
and reorganized as follows:

  • Mitsugi Aruga, Chairman of the Board
  • Hachiro Ishizu, Vice Chairman
  • Harold Inouye, President
  • Clarence Izuo, Senior Vice President
  • Edmund Chang, Senior Vice President
  • Dayne Shinbo, Vice President
  • Jon Aruga, Vice President

Contact Info:
Telephone: (808)949-1025
Fax: (808)949-1027
Email: office@aai-architects.com